Custom Bathrooms


Bathrooms are exposed to moisture and spillage, choose products to suit the requirements. We are Cleveland's expert custom bathrooms renovation company!

Custom Bathrooms

Bathrooms offer a serene escape but only when you can look beyond the simple designs. There was a time when bathrooms were designed just for practical use, but things have changed over the years and custom bathrooms are adding value and character to the whole house. Custom bathrooms take longer when it comes to renovation, but the product is completely worth the trouble. You can maximize the space that you already have and the perfect design also increases the quality of the space, and our team at Aspire Kitchens are the professionals you need for the job.

Bathroom Renovations

Getting your own custom bathroom requires a few renovations and if you are looking to update the whole design, remodelling it will take time and effort. You may have unique needs that a simple bathroom can’t fulfil. By using great lighting features and paint, you can brighten up and refine any bathroom. We can help you with some renovation trends that customers can’t stop obsessing over this season.

  • A black tub that makes a great focal point.
  • Deep soaking tubs that offer some great art-deco vibes that never go out of style.
  • Freestanding tubs that give the bathroom a sculptured look and elevate the space.
  • Brass finish that adds a touch of the colour and personality to the room.
  • Marbleized wallpaper that offers a contemporary look, which goes well with modern bathrooms.

You can get all of this and much more with our team of experts working to make your dream bathroom a reality!

Get a massive impact at a reasonable cost!

Bathroom Design

Bathroom design trends for 2020 vary over a broad spectrum. Earth tones and rich textures were all the rage last year and the trend is going to continue this year too. This year, dark and sultry bathrooms are also going to be a popular option, but most people are using natural materials these days, which create the perfect Zen sanctuary.

With the help of our team at Aspire Kitchens, you can get a bathroom upgrade and also increase the price of your property. Even if you opt for one upgrade, it has the potential to completely change the look of your room.

Bathroom renovations ensure your investments can help you save money in the long run. Upgrading the bathroom means you can get rid of clutter and create a peaceful space that resonates with the theme you had in mind. Our team can help you add space to the room either with some construction or by just changing the larger components and fixtures in there.

Aspire Kitchens can help you take advantage of this great opportunity and bring such bathroom renovation ideas to life. Get in touch today and start bathroom remodelling with the help of our experts.