Why Use a Local Kitchen Cabinet Maker Instead of a Flatpack Kitchen?

Written by Chris Leach

When you start to think about renovating your kitchen and replacing your kitchen cabinets, it can be overwhelming with the options that are available.  For those of you who have the necessary trade skills or access to fully equipped workshops, you may be able to build your kitchen from scratch.  However, since most homeowners do not have the time or necessary tools available, they may tend to choose flatpack kitchens or custom kitchens under the advice of your local kitchen cabinet maker.

If you are contemplating flat pack versus custom made, Aspire Kitchens help to step you through the process to see which is a better fit for you.

Local Cabinet Makers are familiar with design space available

A local cabinet maker will be well versed with the needs of the area you have chosen to renovate or update and have the experience to know what materials that will work and which ones to steer away from.  A great example for this would be if you live in a suburb that is close to the sea, they will know the best materials available to ensure they won’t rust or corrode away over time.

Custom Built

Advantages of having your local kitchen cabinet maker assisting with your custom designed kitchen is that the designs are tailormade for you and your family to your exact requirements.

You may find that flatpack kitchens limit your design to what is included in the pack you have chosen.

Do the Complete Job

When working with Aspire Kitchens, we can control the project from start to finish.  This will ensure the project runs smoothly and may include managing when the plumbers, electricians, tilers are able to access the site to keep to deadlines.  

Similar Price

Finally, the money you spend on a kitchen renovated through a local kitchen cabinet maker would almost be the same as that of a flatpack kitchen. You get to enjoy all the benefits above without experiencing a significant increase in the price of the total project.

You can get in touch with Aspire Kitchens today to discuss your kitchen requirements.  We can provide you with our expertise and arrange for a free quote for your kitchen renovation project.   Aspire Kitchens have years of experience in the industry.  That is why we are your trusted local cabinet makers.